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Corporate Liaison - Regulatory Testing Division Featured

  • Title: Corporate Liaison - Regulatory Testing Division
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Field of research: Toxicology/Cosmetics
  • Company name: PETA International Science Consortium Ltd.
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  • Country: United States
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  • Description:


    Position Objective:

    To oversee PETA's work with major corporations as it relates to animal experimentation


    Telecommuting opportunities available on the East Coast.

    Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Independently develop and carry out action plans to replace animal testing conducted by major corporations
    • Maintain expertise in non-animal test methods and international regulatory requirements
    • Make and maintain contacts with major corporations in order to further PETA's work
    • Decide on and organize appropriate information to include in meeting agendas
    • Lead meetings with companies
    • Represent PETA at company meetings and scientific conferences and communicate with scientists regarding relevant issues
    • Ensure timely and appropriate follow-up with companies
    • Monitor the progress of departmental communications with corporations in order to ensure that short- and long-term goals are achieved
    • Collaborate with senior management to expand and promote PETA's interactions with international corporations
    • Answer correspondence regarding animal testing issues
    • Maintain confidentiality at all times
    • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor


  • Qualifications:


    Position Requirements    

    • Master's degree or PhD in toxicology or pharmacology or closely related field
    • Two or more years experience working with government, industry, or NGO in related field
    • Extensive knowledge of animal testing issues and alternatives to the use of animals in experimentation
    • Familiarity with regulatory requirements as they relate to animal testing
    • Proven attention to detail, exceptional organizational skills, and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
    • Familiarity with, and the ability to apply, scientific terminology
    • Ability to conduct in-depth research
    • Ability to make sound, independent judgments
    • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
    • Excellent strategic thinking and analytical skills
    • Ability to interact with the public in a professional and courteous manner
    • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality at all times
    • Willingness and ability to travel
    • Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver's license, a minimum of three years of driving experience, and a satisfactory driving record
    • Professional appearance
    • Commitment to the objectives of the organization
    Division     PETA 
    Location     PETA - Telecommuting Positions


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