Wednesday, 20 October 2021 19:22

Provivo Biosciences (formerly LPT): animal testing as responsible and animal welfare-oriented as possible Featured

Provivo Biosciences (formerly LPT), a service provider, plans to minimize animal testing at all of its sites by January of next year and work predominantly in vitro.

LPT had come under fire because the German animal rights organization Soko-Tierschutz had uncovered animal cruelty with monkeys and dogs in 2019.  Subsequently, the location had been closed by the authorities, half a year later also the keeping of animals in Neugraben had been banned. Since then, the company has "only" carried out animal experiments with small animals at the Gut Löhndorf site in Schleswig Holstein.

The company, which now trades under the name Provivo Biosciences, basically wants to replace experiments on living animals in the "in vivo" process 100 percent with alternative methods in the future. This includes an expansion of "in vitro" technology, according to the Provivo Biosciences website. But on the one hand, this probably means killing animals to harvest tissues and organs, and on the other hand, they immediately limit their plan again: absolutely necessary animal experiments should continue to be carried out as responsibly and animal welfare-oriented as possible.